The team

 Gilles BOYER « Founder – Director »
Determined to start his own company after eight years in the catering and hotel sector, Gilles Boyer began to work independently in 1988 by first creating the EXACO company, and then the EUROCONCOURS company six years later.
It is through a natural consolidation process that these companies came closer and joined forces with the ALTEDIA Group in 1996 to become the market leader, and now a point of reference among Ministries and Public agencies.
For « Entrepreneurs » there is nothing more enjoyable than creating something ; it is in that spirit that in 2004, a 3000m² new Convention and Exhibition center opened its doors in Paris 12 under the leadership of Gilles Boyer: the Espace Charenton.
Almost ten years after its creation, this space is among the leading references in Paris, and is broadly solicited by customers for conventions and exhibitions alike.
 Dominique BOYER « Associate Director – Commercial Director »
After several years in the catering and hotel sector with the top starred chefs in Paris, Dominique Boyer joined the founding team in 2004 in a career changing move that still preserved the service providing aspect. His mission was to develop the event-related area, in addition to the activities in the examination and competition business. He successfully rose to this challenge thanks to his precise and service-oriented mindset, and brought a genuine versatility to an originally very well-designed establishment.
 Julien HENOT « Business Development Manager »
As a business school graduate, Julien Hénot took a liking to event management when he became the President of the Student's Office.
After an experience as a tour coordinator in the Lucien Barrière hotels, he joined the Espace Charenton team in 2006 as a sales representative. Drawing on his experience, he knows how to use his understanding of customer service and skills as logistics provider to satisfy customers.


 Amand PHILIPPE « Sales representative »
With a BTS in Tourism management and a degree in organizational management of business travel, Amand Philippe began his professional career in London in 2009.
He was an Flight Coordinator Business / Customer at the Club Med headquarters in the United-Kingdom. Once back in France, he has continued his career path at the Espace Charenton Paris 12 for almost 3 years. As he is impressed by the team and the practice of continuous innovation, this business approach motivates his concept of service and strengthens his customer relationships. He also contributes to the company's image in its communication strategy.