Comfort and Serenity « Pack » pricing

As part of our rental space activities, we offer you a « Pack – All-inclusive » with additional services (material/furniture/others).


 Independent or coupled public address system in all spaces.

 H.F. Microphones, wired, gooseneck.

 Giant screens up to 4x3 meters.

 Ceiling mounted HD video projectors HD / VGA or HDMI exit.

 Unlimited and secure WiFi  - SDSL 4 Mega guaranteed bandwidth.

 Stage lighting.




 Stage area / adjustable size.

 Altuglass Podium.

 Speakers' tables and armchairs.

 Low easy chairs, coffee tables.

Seating for participants.

 Individual tables.

 Front counters.

 Cloackroom equipment.

Walls-screens to divide up the space.

 Green plants and decorative trees.


Others :

 Air-conditioning in all spaces.

 Emergency unit and permanent inverter.

 Private office for organizers with a phone line + Ethernet outlet.

 Chilled water fountains.

 Video surveillance.

 Parking places available under the building.