Sustainable development

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As a convention centre, we committed ourselves to incorporating the criteria in a charter, which still leaves enough room for organizers to include their own eco-friendly solutions.


We chose to follow a continuous improvement policy of our economic, environmental and social performance.


Our events go through listed service providers, innovations related to business tourism, studies and surveys, a charter and internal policy related to sustainable development, as well as internal and external awareness for our customers.



This approach has led to the following achievements:


The raising of awareness among the Espace Charenton staff through monthly meetings about possible areas for improvement.


Easy access by public transport, thanks to three possible routes to the Espace, by subway, bus and tramway.


 Eco friendly building, with optimized energy management: an annual EDF study, selective sorting, "RECY’GO Papiers" collection and recycling, elimination of all consumable plastics within the convention centre, generalized "LED" low lighting.


 Measures of energy consumption with continuous reduction targets.


 Listed service providers with a sustainable development approach, Ethique caterer, EDINEWS printer, eco-labeled maintenance products and cleaning company, Green La Poste postage stamps, promotion of local providers to reduce transportation, the biggest CO2 emitter.


 80% of spaces accessible with natural light, which can be blocked for video projection uses.


 Systematic updating of health and safety rules.


 Internal and external communication about eco-responsible values.


 Hybridization of tree species thanks to a major landscaping project for the front of the building.


As an environmental and social ambassador, we wish to raise the awareness of stakeholders while being open to all initiatives.


All the Espace Charenton Team.