Who are we?

Espace Charenton is about to enter its tenth year of existence, and to mark that anniversary, we have taken a brief look at its past.

After the relocation of the FILMOLUX printing house elsewhere so it could expand, a 3000m² surface on the ground floor in the inner city of Paris became vacant and free for use.

It was then 2001, and our interest in that surface was evident.

Engaged in a race against time, architect, bankers, agencies and companies began working together to set up this inspiring project of a convention centre.

After a year of heavy large-scale alterations, and several administrative procedures, the Espace Charenton was born in December 2003.

The reception was overwhelming: while most spaces are located in the West of Paris, the opening of a site in the East caught everyone by surprise and led to a new approach in space rental accessibility.

During the first years of operations, Espace Charenton hosted a broad variety of customers desirous to find a place both affordable and well served by public transportation in the capital city.

Through the years, a continuous improvement policy was established, and every year, one or several major investments were made to upgrade the establishment and rank it among the best exhibition and convention centres.

Today, around 200,000 customers visit the space every year through 300 events, and whether for an exhibition or a convention, every organizer will find a significant difference in terms of approach and customization in an ever changing environment.